Tennis Club Milano, stand, 12.090 sqm, Milan, Italy, on going
3D Grid House, apartment renovation, 65 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Syntarqui Octagon, stand, 40 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Wire Apartment, apartment renovation, 150 sqm, Milan, Italy, built


Tennis Club Milano, stand, 12.090 sqm, Milan, Italy, on going
Le Logge del Parco, elderly residences, 4.200 sqm, Novazzano, Swiss, competition
Dolini , design competition
Sheet Apartment, apartment renovation, 100 sqm, Milan, Italy


Syntarqui Curtain, stand, 10 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
FluidoTech Tape, offices renovation, 120 sqm, Corsico, Italy, on going
Periptero,school refectory, 600 sqm, Lugano, Switzerland, competition
Villa Addendum,house renovation, 180 sqm, Roveredo, Italy


Syntarqui Wave, stand, 10 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Slow Wood Stair, interior design , 35 sqm, Milan, Italy, competition
Nitra Housing, housing masterplan, 22.500 sqm, Levice, Slovakia, on going
Quartiere Levice, housing masterplan, 7.700 sqm, Levice, Slovakia, on going
Babel, bookshelf, built
Nude, table, built
12 Lawyers Offices, offices, 310 sqm, Pordenone, Italy, built


Frequenza, offices and warehouse, 1.660 sqm, Mendrisio, Switzerland, competition
Stabulorum, square, 2.170 sqm, Stabio, Switzerland, competition
Tra i Rami, house modules, 70-250 sqm, competition
Baluardo, school complex, 2.800 sqm, Arbedo-Castione, Switzerland, competition
Multiple Jardins, social housing, Facilities, 9.153 sqm, Genève, Switzerland, competition
Trait d'Union, social housing, Commerce, Facilities, 2.150 sqm, Lausanne, Switzerland, competition
Naturalmente, residences, 2.300 sqm, Sesto Calende, Italia, on going


6 Tales Apartment, apartment, 85 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Syntarqui Stand, stand, 10 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Qui regarde dehors, rêve, kindergarten-primary school, 1.178 sqm, Vaulruz, Switzerland, competition
Ouverture, university of law, 19.000 sqm, Fribourg, Switzerland, competition


Milano City life, apartment, 61 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
RoofTop House, private house, 220 sqm, Lugano, Switzerland, on going
Residential housing Parco Maraini, residential building-facilities, 7.900 sqm, Lugano, Switzerland, on going
Monument in Fertile Country, materplan-residential building-facilities, 93.000 sqm, Wien, Austria, Winner-ex aequo
New hearts for Karosta, concept facade renovation, Karosta, Latvia, Mention
Basique, kindergarten-primary school, 2.103 sqm, Orsonnens, Switzerland, competition
Ensamble, kindergarten-primary school, 5.916 sqm, Granges Paccot, Switzerland, competition
Loft Porta Romana, private house, 43 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Bookshelf, furniture, FuoriSalorne-Milan, Italy, built


Loft voluMI, apartment, 180 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Urban collage, masterplan-landscape, 3.200.00 sqm, New York, USA, Mention
Mikser's Cloud, pavilion, 50 sqm, Belgrade, Serbia, 3rd prize
Braille 2020, masterplan-residential building-facilities, 58.200 sqm, Vieusseux-Geneve, Switzerland, competition
Dogana Martigny, office building, 750 sqm, Martigny, Switzerland, competition
Due appartamenti in un triangolo, private house, 200 sqm, Catanzaro, Italy, preliminary project


Residential housing Collina, private house, 2.000 sqm, Muzzano, Switzerland, on going
2Appartamenti per 2fratelli, apartments, 210 sqm, Pordenone, Italy, built


Mezzanotte ville, shop, 70 sqm, Milan, Italy, built
Living under 25, apartment, 80 sqm, Milan, Italy, built


Open Community, masterplan-residential building-facilities, 9.000 sqm, Milan, Italy, competition
Eco Building, residential building-commerce, 360 sqm, Bergamo, Italy, competition Second Phase, First Prize in SAIE competition