ITCH Società d'Architettura was founded in Lugano in 2013 and then grew also in Milan starting from 2015 thanks to the collaboration between architects Giulia Castelli, Marco Corazza and Alessandro Mingolo and deals with architectural design in its broadest and most articulated form.

    The studio stands out for being the winner of numerous competitions, such as the First Prize at the Europan12 international competition, Publications and Awards including "Emerging European Designer" (for Wallpaper * magazine).

    ITCH is alongside the operators of the real estate sector and deals with thinking, planning and carrying out works mainly in Switzerland and Italy, thanks to its two offices: in Lugano and Milan with the architect Daniele Torresin as director.

    What we do?


    In the preliminary stages of real estate and urban planning operations, we work on the feasibility through preliminary projects (masterplan and space planning) in line with the business plans and economic sustainability of the project.

    We guide, in agreement with the various actors, the authorization and decision-making processes by coordinating the final design phase in compliance with the regulations and urban and legislative constraints.
    Cost control is closely related to executive design and therefore to the computation and correct planning of design and construction times.

    We control the construction phase through a coordinated construction management with the architectural phase, aimed at optimizing the construction processes. The support to the Contractor also develops in the costs and building time control as well as compliance with regulations.

    We guarantee a correct conclusion of the design and construction operations by supporting the clients in the management of the real estate object and its future ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


    How do we do that ?


    ° Using project strategies
    Each project, of all shapes and sizes, requires a strategy that makes it unique and therefore unrepeatable.
    ITCH wants to elevate the project strategy in order to always seek the best of the possible solutions, whether it is a design object for everyday use or a public space on an urban scale. To do this it is necessary to listen before drawing, listen before acting and then develop a strategy shared with all the actors of the project.

    ° Respecting sustainability
    We intend sustainability of the project in the broadest sense: starting from the economic one up to the environmental one.
    Thinking about an architectural process, today more than ever, means paying attention to the expense budgets imposed.
    But it is necessary to make an effort to understand how these processes can be combined with the world we live in, with limited resources, with reuse and recycling.
    It is our task to bring these issues to the attention of the customer, of our team and to all the people involved in order to find together solutions that respect both economic and environmental objectives


    ° Working in team

    Our team is multidisciplinary, flexible and heterogeneous and adapts very well to different types of projects and their different scales of representation. The constant commitment is aimed at respecting the deliveries on time and in the manner agreed through the use of all the tools of representation and construction of the consent acquired over the years.

    The synergies between the different figures involved in the process are totally aimed at satisfying the customer's requests and are managed with a horizontal relationship in full compliance with the different knowledge.

    ° By creating value

    The project born positive by its own definition and undertaking a design process means creating value. Economic value but also of comfort and welfare. It is necessary to feel at ease during such an important operation as the transformation of a space or the creation of an environment to live and this is one of the objectives that ITCH has always pursued.

    The enhancement of the property does not end with its habitability, but continues in its visibility and appreciation through the publications, prizes and awards that are assigned.






    Love the little ones to be great

    Why the dachshund?

    Because they are small in size, with their stomachs on the ground, but with their eyes always turned to the sky.
    Determined, to pursue the objectives at any cost
    Curious, always looking to always learn
    Courageous, to take new paths, to make complex but coherent choices
    Dynamic, always ready to change and to seek the correct direction
    Independent, autonomous in its management and in its way of acting.


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